Captain Casual Trio Promo

After three long years of work the time has finally come for me to announce the debut of my first novel, The Amazing Captain Casual! Unfortunately the actual release date is still a good six months away, but until then I shall be supplying you with character bios, snippets, and other such goodies to tide you over. For the present moment however, I’ll simply start you off with a synopsis:


DASTARDLY DANGER! MALICIOUS ROBOTS! SUPERHEROES THAT TRIP OVER THEIR OWN TWO FEET! This book has it all, and MORE! Join the Amazing Captain Casual and friends on his thrilling first adventure! Journey along with him as he takes on a reluctant brand new sidekick, fights old villains who really might not be all that bad, and tries not to screw up learns the true meaning of friendship!


  • Will Archer, aka Captain Casual: Our hero! A well-meaning southern boy who’s just trying his best to make the world a better place and failing miserably!
  • Cole Stephenson, aka General Buzzkill: Civilian, student, and former employee for the City Reconstruction Corporation who would like nothing more than to be left alone.
  • Zettabyte, aka ????: Captain Casual’s arch-nemesis. A mysterious figure whose hobbies may or may not include creating various mechanoid animals, eating Pocky, and manipulating the minds of weak men.
  • Dev and Alex, aka Dev and Alex: Two petty crooks who really should’ve moved to California a long time ago.


Will Archer and Cole Stephenson have two things in common:  they attend the same high school,  and they both have after school jobs. However, where Cole works in construction trying to raise money for college, Will has been fighting crime under the guise of his alter-ego, the amazing Captain Casual! So when their worlds collide in an explosive fashion, the question becomes:  can these two put aside their differences to form a new iconic duo, or is betrayal inevitable? Who knows, perhaps neither will happen and they’ll instead simply part ways, neither friends nor enemies, just awkward acquaintances people sometimes have! This is a superhero novel, though, so probably not. Read on to find the answer in, THE AMAZING CAPTAIN CASUAL!